FRESHEN.TV is an upcoming Android device and Google TV channel
that feature tutorial videos based on video scripting.
Scripting of videos is powerful technology where an Android app track streamed video
and apply scripted events (pause/resume/goto and several other visually
overlayed features to occur at positions/ranges within streamed content,
either scripted to occur during playback, or in a context relevant way
upon user pressing function keys.

The scripting feature set will be extendable by third parties
based on a plugin mechanism.

FRESHEN.TV enables you to adapt existing training video material to an
Android application format without the need for any application developer skills.

The underlying scripting technology will also be applied to a few upcoming Android apps
that feature sharing of scripted content in social media.
Scripts can be improved upon/altered by people that pass their edition
on to other friends, and so on. A kind of modern day viral MMS on social steroids.

FRESHEN.TV is a creation of

Mobimation AB
Skagafjordsgatan 12

16455 KISTA, Sweden +46 733406530